Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking in Belize means crystal clear waters, thousands of coral reefs, extremely abundant and varied marine life, camping on remote and undisturbed tropical cayes and enjoying balmy evenings under the stars. The water temperatures in Belize range from 78f - 80f during the months of December and January, warming to 80f - 82f in February through August. On each trip we begin with expert and personalized instruction covering the fundamentals of sea kayaking to get you started. On your holiday you have the opportunity to learn paddle strokes, bracing strokes, self rescues and group rescues, then move on to hone advanced skills like kayak sailing or even learning to roll your kayak. At Glover's Reef Basecamp you have a choice of double and single kayaks. Our double kayaks are rigged with sails enabling us to travel with the northeasterly tradewinds. Single kayaks, which are more agile and responsive, are selected for performance and stability, doubly important in Belize as we use our kayaks as a base to snorkel from.

Kayak Sailing

All our double kayaks are equipped with custom-designed sails to take advantage of the trade winds. Novice through expert kayakers will find the sails easy-to-handle after instruction from your guides. Sea kayaking in the warm waters of Belize would be incomplete without the chance to raise sail and run with the prevailing northeasterly trade winds.


SUP Glovers Reef

The Caribbean Sea in Belize is the perfect place for stand-up paddle boarding (SUP).  Much like surfing, SUP, you stand high above the water-line paddling the protected areas of the reef.  It is an amazing experience gazing through crystal-clear water, skimming over coral reefs, and fish darting out under-foot, as you paddle along.  An experience truly not to be missed.


Belize is renowned for having the richest coral reefs in the entire Caribbean - miles upon miles of shallow protected waters with thousands of patch reefs, ideal for first-time snorkelers. Undersea walls, spur and groove coral formations and deep water channels provide lots of challenge and excitement for experienced snorkelers. Initially, we enter the water from a beach but as our skill level increases we learn to enter and exit the water from our kayaks enabling you to experience longer and deeper dives, wall dives as well as spectacular drift snorkels as you float alongside an unexplored coral reef with the bowline of your kayak in hand. Often a highlight of the snorkeling experience is joining your Belizean guide as they use their remarkable skills to hunt for lobster, conch and fish amongst the coral reefs. Of course an added benefit is our evening feast of fresh caught seafood cooked up over an open fire on a deserted Caribbean island!

From our Glover's Reef Basecamp we will take you to the most pristine snorkeling areas where we are able to explore reefs and islands where few other people have been. We are not only sightseeing in this underwater paradise, naturalists and Belizean fishermen as your guides, you are able to learn a great deal about the corals and marine life you see while snorkeling. Around camp in the mornings and evenings your guides will teach you their knowledge of the incredible life that exists beneath the tropical seas.

Scuba Diving

Glover's Reef Atoll offers spectacular diving. Surrounding our island Basecamp are wall dives, channel dives, wrecks and stunning marine life waiting to be discovered. The dive operator provides top quality dive gear for rent or you can bring your own BC and regulator. Dive from their 28-foot dive boat or try adventure diving from our specially designed sit-on-top dive kayaks. The dive operator, located just a few miles north of our basecamp, can provide resort courses and certification with advance notice.


Turquoise waters, a light breeze rising with the sun over the eastern horizon, and a dawn that holds the promise of bell clear skies. Imagine yourself stalking bonefish on expansive flats with a 9-weight rod, a selection of proven flies in your hip pack and the whole day before you to fish and enjoy. Or try your hand at Belizean style trolling from your kayak with a dollar hook, wire leader and bait cut just right to entice a patrolling barracuda to take you on a wild ride.

Ecology and Marine Biology

The abundance of flora and fauna found in Belize is startling. There is much to learn, and much to know about this strange and wonderful world. The tropical world of Central America is certainly a foreign environment, but learning and exploring with local guides that have a lifetime experience living and working in the environment, combined with naturalists make a huge difference in interpreting and understanding the world around you. It is the marrying of these elements that often sets Glovers Reef Basecamp trips apart from the rest.


A few years ago we introduced Yoga practice and instruction to a few select Basecamp departures. After just a few sessions, with a magnificient backdrop of the sun rising over the Caribbean, we were wondering why it took us so long to join the two! Our guests - most of whom had never tried Yoga - told us how much they enjoyed the daily practice. Not only is Yoga a perfect form of excercise to loosen up before or after our day of active adventures, it also brings relaxation, balance and mindfulness to ease away the complexities and stresses of our busy lives.

Kayaking for Kids

New to our island Basecamp are a fleet of kid-friendly boats that are designed for smaller paddlers in mind.